Industrial keyboard daily maintenance skills

Issuing time:2022-09-13 14:00

Industrial keyboard application scope is more and more common, like all electronic components, as users usually should be how to stronger maintenance of industrial keyboard, industrial keyboard manufacturers and you discuss how to make industrial keyboard service life longer in daily application maintenance.

1. Avoid poor natural environment

Industrial keyboard manufacturers show that the moisture-proof effect is the standard equipment of industrial keyboard, so that even if the moisture soaked in the surface of the industrial keyboard in the short term is not easy to cause harm to the industrial keyboard, if the industrial keyboard long-term in the wet cold or surface often touch the water, it will cause the industrial keyboard surface left with water marks, beautiful and generous harm, In addition, it will make the internal power circuit of the industrial keyboard suffer harm, harm characteristics, more serious immediately destroy the industrial keyboard! That industrial keyboard in daily application should prevent contact with undesirable phenomena of the natural environment, in addition to immediately remove.

2. Pay attention to hot swap

Industrial keyboard manufacturers show that USB and PS/2 two kinds of jacks in the industrial keyboard is more common, suitable for hot swap jacks only USB interface, and in the industrial keyboard configuration of PS/2 jacks should pay attention to the whole process of the application do not have to be removed immediately, otherwise it is likely to damage the industrial keyboard embedded circuit board.

3. No violent behavior application

Industrial keyboard manufacturers indicate that the specification of industrial keyboard function keys is able to bear hundreds of thousands of times of light press, function key application is not the basic mechanical shaft, just flick yellow. If you can't apply a strong external force when typing the actual operation, otherwise the computer keyboard inside the elastic yellow will deform, a long time to lose the ductility. General industrial keyboard will be a small prompt about the warning to indicate that the customer cannot violent behavior application.

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