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IP67 silicone rubber keyboard
With white adjustable backlight
Customized layout available
Meet MIL-STD-461G & MIL-STD-810F
Rear panel mount solution
With tough & sealed touchpad
Product Material
Silicone Rubber
Keys Switch
Carbon-on-gold Key Switch
Pointing Devices
Mounting Solution
Panel Mount
IP67 sealed reinforcement and durable embedded military-grade silicone full-function keyboard with built-in
military-grade sunken gold PCB control board, with fully sealed reinforcement durable touch board, with 12 functional keys FN
(F1, F2...F10, F11, F12), embedded belt combination digital keypad, the overall key layout is compact, using silicone convex key
technology, 1.50mm key stroke, comfortable touch, accurate and fast input.It has wear-resistant and antibacterial surface, which
can be used in harsh environment and can effectively resist and inhibit the breeding and reproduction of bacteria.The CLEAN key
locks the entire keyboard to make cleaning easier and more convenient without disconnecting the keyboard from the
computer;With white adjustable backlight, embedded under the installation mode, in line with the military requirements of strong
anti-interference;Meet the requirements of military low radiation, interference.
Application Scope:
Laboratories, various medical facilities, hospitals, clinics, dentistry, such as carts, diagnostic equipment, operating rooms, dialysis
centers, etc.
Military field: Army, navy, Air force
Industrial areas: Industrial automation, Pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, Food and beverage;Dirty or poorly lit working environment.
Other industries.
Main Features:
It can adopt night vision compatible with adjustable industrial backlight, the whole keyboard can give red light through laser font/pattern,
the light intensity can be adjusted, which can be well used in military, aviation and automobile applications at night
In visual environment (red/blue/white backlight optional).
The surface is designed with a single silica gel, abrasion and tear resistant, chemical resistant, can prevent dust, dirt, grease liquid and
other intrusion.Silica gel contains antibacterial ingredients, available
At the same time, it can effectively inhibit and resist the breeding and reproduction of bacteria in bad environment.
The keyboard has a cleaning key. When the cleaning key is opened, the whole keyboard is not in working state, which is convenient for
cleaning and cleaning.When the cleaning key is turned off, the whole keyboard is working, making it very convenient to use.
The keyboard has strong anti-interference, even if the keyboard is in the environment of strong electromagnetic interference, it can still
work normally.
Can carry on noiseless fast, accurate data input, with good comfortable operation tactility.
Customizing multiple keyboard languages to suit different national languages and various customization requirements.
Easy to install, can provide PS2,USB interface mode.


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Mechanical data:
Buttons: 87
Key technology: silica gel carbon particles and gold - sinking PCB
Trackpad: 1.3mm thick PCB, containing polyester film
Longevity: over 5 million hits
Mutual capacitance sensing:
X/Y axis location detection resolution: 40 Counts /mm
X/Y position report: relative
Mouse tracking speed: > 1.016 m/s
Supply voltage: 5V ± 0.25V
Rated current :17 mah
Key stroke :1.5mm
G.w. : 0.8 kgs
Dimensions :330.0 mm x 130.0 mm
Electrical parameters:
Working voltage: DC +5V+/-5%
Working current: ≈50mA (non-Backlight);Material 300 ma (with backlight on)
12 Items of Naval Standard electromagnetic Effectiveness Test (EMC) :
1, Meet MIL-STD-461G with EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) etc.:
CE101 25Hz - 10kHz Conducted Emissions, Audio Frequency Currents, Power leads
CE102 10kHz -10MHz Conducted Emissions, Radio Frequency Potentials, Power leads
CS101 25Hz - 150kHz Conducted Susceptibility, Power Leads
CS106 Conducted Susceptibility, Transients, Power Leads
CS112 Electrostatic Discharge Susceptibility
CS114 4kHz -400MHz Conducted Susceptibility, Bulk Cable injection
CS115 Conducted Susceptibility, Bulk Cable injection, Impulse Excitation
CS116 10kHz - 100MHz Conducted Susceptibility, Damped Sinusoidal Transients, Cables and Power Leads
RE101 25Hz -100kHz Radiated Emissions, Magnetic Field
RE102 10kHz - 18GHz Radiated Emissions, Electric Field
RS101 25HZ - 100kHz Radiated Susceptibility, Magnetic Field
RS103 10kHz - 40GHz Radiated Susceptibility, Electric Field
2, MIL-STD-810F (wide temperature, shock, vibration, humidity).
Expected service life: >5 years
Button switch technology: conductive carbon particle/gold sink PCB
Interface technology: PS2,USB are optional
Operating systems: All Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Vxworks, Android, (U-COS to be tested).
Environmental adaptability:
Operating temperature: -40 oC to +85 oC
Storage temperature: -45oC to 90oC
Relative humidity: 100%
Atmospheric pressure: 60-106kPa
Salt spray test: 96 hours, IEC 60512-6
IEC 60512-6, High humidity test at 40 , 21 days
IEC 60512-6, High drying test at 85oC, 10 days
Dustproof and waterproof level: IP67
Key life >.5 million operations/per key
Average downtime > 20,000 hours
Mean repair time <30 minutes


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