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EMC/EMI/EMS/ESD Silicone Military Keyboard
50mm Maritime Mechanical Trackball
Rugged Laptop/PC Keyboard with Touchpad
Industrial Membrane Keyboard
Ergonomic Optical Thumb Trackball Keyboard
IP65 Rugged Industrial Trackball Keyboard

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Key Technology was established in 2006, which is a company specializing in providing high-end vandal proof waterproof IP65/IP67/IP68 rugged keyboard/keypad/trackball/touchpad/joystick/force sensing resistor pointing device for industrial/military/medical/vehicle/marine/coal and mine/food processing etc applications.   

Our customers include Finance, Aerospace, Chemicals/Petro, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Telecom/Media, High Technology, Transportation-Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities & Resources, Universities and Academia, Museums/Public Displays and Miscellaneous etc industries.

Active, positive, and team spirit are a special attribute of the people in Key Technology China Limited. The principle of business is based on Righteousness, Integrity, Diligence and Thrift, which stands as our guideline of conduct in the future. By doing so, Key Technology China Limited is moving towards a global technology firm with an optimistic and long future.

As a reliable and hign-end manufacturer for coal and mine keyboards and input devices, we Key Technology have obtained the intrinsically safe explosion-proof certiticates for stainless steel wired and 2.4G wireless keyboards/keypads as well as trackballs and touchpads, which equal to and can meet with and work very well under ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2.
Coal / Mine
Our wide range of medical keyboard and mouse combo sets are selling extremely well to overseas' pharmaceutical enterprises/project integrators/
hospitals, medical kiosks and other end devices, with hygenic anti-bacteria surface, waterproof/chemicals-proof/oil-proof, easy to clean etc features. Our medical grade keyboards and mice are IEC60601-1-2 certified as well as qualified with EMC/CE/RoHS/REACH/IP65/
IP67/IP68 tests.
Medical / Pharmaceutical
Key Technology develops and manufactures all kinds of vehicle keyboards to meet various vehicles for example, fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, forklifts etc. Mountable desktop solution with VESA/AMPS holes on backside for fixation of mobile services is a main feature. Emergency key available to respond to urgent situation with special function. Membrane key switch/scissors switch/carbon-on-gold key switch are available, with adjustable 4 level backlighting to fit for dark environments.
Ground Vehicles
Key Technology was founded in 2006, headquartered in Longgang District, Shenzhen, with a over +2000sqm factory located in Dongguan, is a global well-known and high-end quality manufacturer for research and development, production, sales and service industrial rugged keyboard/mouse. Widely used for industrial/public outdoor terminals/kiosks/access control etc. fields to withstand harsh environments and weather.
Industrial / Terminal
With over +17 years rich experience in providing all kinds of keyboards/input devices for industrial including food and beverage applications, we have
various rugged stainless steel/membrame/silicone
rubber/polymer/ABS plastic keyboards to withstand rain/water/oil/dust and other chemicals in harsh environments with their own superior professional structure and strong IP65/IP68 waterproof/weather proof/dust proof features.
Food / Beverage
As the most important part of our product line and the general direction of our whole company, our rugged keyboards/pointing devices, for maritime applications, are certified with MIL-STD-461G-EMC-EMI-EMS-ESD and MIL-STD-810F, IEC60945 and passed all necessary salt-spray, antifungal test, shock, vibration, high and low wide temperature test etc.
Maritime / Naval
The new combo marine keyboard that Key Technology developed and launched is suited for most applications, and works very well with systems likeRadar and ECDIS. Rugged PC keycaps or silicone keys ma...
Silicone industrial mouse is a specially designed mouse for industrial environments, made of silicone material. Following are some basic characteristics, uses, and advantages of an industrial silic...
Metal keyboard is a special type of keyboard made of stainless steel material, for example, SUS304, 316L, which is rugged, durable, waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-resistant. It has important ...
1. Multifunctional design:Touchpad keyboard integrates the functions of the keyboard and touchpad, providing more operation options. In addition to regular key input, it also has gesture operation ...
Industrial membrane keyboard is a special type of keyboard designed specifically for industrial environments, and medical settings. It adopts metal dome key switch / Omron micro key switch technolo...
Marine radar keyboard is a special type of ship equipment used to control and operate radar systems.It usually uses a specially designed keyboard with some special functions to adapt to the operati...
Key Technology will participate in the World's leading trade fair and conference for electronics - Electronica 2024, which is scheduled to take placebetween 12.11.2024 and 15.11.2024 in Messe Munic...
KEY TECHNOLOGY CHINA LIMITED will attend The 9th China (Beijing) Military Intelligent Technology Expo with the booth No.A24.Add.: China National Convention Center(Beijing)Applications for our produ...
KEY TECHNOLOGY CHINA LIMITED will attend Сhina (Вeijing) National Defense Information Equipment and Technology Exhibition 2024 with the booth No.BD102.Add.:China International Exhibition Center, Ch...
KEY TECHNOLOGY CHINA LIMITED will attend The 21st Taiyuan Coal (Energy) Industry Technology and Equipment Exhibition.Booth No.: N6-F48.Date: April 22-24, 2023Add.: Taiyuan Xiaohe International Conv...
KEY TECHNOLOGY CHINA LIMITED will attend The 17th Yulin Intertional Coal and High-end Energy Chemical Industry Expo.Booth No.: 3-3016.Date: April 07-09, 2023Add: Yulin Branch Innovation City Conven...
KEY TECHNOLOGY CHINA LIMITED will attend Marintec China in Dec 05 - Dec 08, 2023 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), Booth No.: W3D8DLooking forward to your visit on all our pr...
"Celebrate success and look forward to the future" Looking back on the past 12 months, 2023 is a year full of challenges and changes. We have overcome the challenges and achieved relatively good re...
Please be informed that we will be closed from Feb 07 to 17 for Chinese Lunar New Year holiday. Normal business will resume on 18th Feb (Sunday), any orders placed during the holidays will be produ...
Key Technology China Limited would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your recognition and support to us in the past year, we will be off to celebrate Chinese New Year holidays from Feb 07 -1...
Holidays are right around the corner! Let's celebrate the beginning of 2024 together!We Key Technology China Limitd would like to take this chance to wish all you and your family, friends a Merry C...
Recently, we Key Technology (China) Limited organized a beach hiked team building activities on May 6th 2023, with the aim of allowing employees to collectively participate in a series of beneficia...
Key Technology factory moved to a new location!Finally it came!!! Coffee machine installed, Sport Centers built, Restaurants for both Chinese and Western prepared, Production machines and testing c...

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